EasyHand – Tools for Poker Coaches, Students and Players

EasyHand Replayer – The fast and easy way to share your Poker hands.

With EasyHand Replayer, you input your hands and then send them to your students as links on your site, by email, twitter, etc.

You can make your hands available to all EasyHand Replayer users, or on your Coaches Page on the EasyHand Replayer site, or only as you want to release them.

EasyHand Replayer was designed for coaches and teachers:

  • Mark hands as public, private, or as listed on your own page only.
    – You control the distribution of your hands.
  • While entering hands you can easily change the initial setup
    – for example you realize that the blinds or stack sizes were entered wrong, you can make changes without having to start over.
    – This makes it much easier to enter new hands.
  • You can import hand histories from Holder Manager II directly and then change them as needed.
    – If you have online hands you can use them directly,
    – or change after import them to make your point.
  • You can export hands into HM2 format
    – You can then replay them them using HM2 for videos or webinars.
  • When replaying hands you can stop at any point, and go backwards or forwards to view the action.
    – This makes a EasyHand Replayer a great tool for teaching.
  • Easily create hand quizzes for teaching.
    – and questions and pause points in the replay.


Private Branding

You can replace the Easy Hand Replayer image with a image of your choice, to use your
hands and images to promote your coaching, or work better in books, etc.

For example, Alexander Fitzgerald is able to place his logo in all hands he enters: