Login And Registration

Click "Enter New Hand" in the left menu to get started. You will need to register or login with your account. It's free

Game Setup

Click Game Setup to get started – enter antes, blinds, player positions, etc. at the bottom of the page

  1. Enter the Antes, and Blinds. The Big Blind is automatically calculated. The default stacks will be set to 100 Big Blinds.
  2. Select the number of players.
  3. Select the hero position. The Hero always sits at the bottom.
  4. Then click "Enter Hero Cards" and "Enter Community Cards" to define the cards which will be shown.
  5. Click Start Betting to enter the action for the hand.

Entering Cards and Stack Sizes

You can click on a player to edit their stack, their nickname, or their card.

Either before you start or during the hand input.

Entering Action

After you complete the Game Setup, Click Start Betting to enter the action for the hand.

The action editor will load ready for action in the Under The Gun position.

Click fold for the first player, and the action will proceed to the second player.

Entering Action

Adding Comments to the Action

Using the Edit/Comment Quiz Button, you can add comments at any point which will appear in the replay.

The Comment will appear during the reply.

Saving Hands